JuTa - Hunger Games


My first experiment rap in English

Hunger games is a metaphor to a rebellion as I'm an rising artist trying to get the world attention and bringing a good music, not just selling.

Feel free to download and share, any kind of support will be so much appreciated

Produce by John Beats

As I reflect my mind tryna show you what's in it
Bass so loud I'm tryna get you a headache
Head so big I don't think the world could fit in
Yeah I'm just a kid but don't you think I'm kiddin'
Pick your weapon, I'm good with my microphone
Fuck you motherfuckers I Got my eyes on the throne
Smell like a dead body here better put on my cologne
I aint gonna sell my soul, I put it on a song

That's the only way to make it alive
I give it a breath of life
I need an army to fight for me
So I created a monster like Dr Dre
Let Rihanna sing it with Eminem
My biggest inspiration, thanks to him
I started rapping and make it an art
Fuck your expectation I follow my heart

Back when I was 15 listen to my stereo
Nobody share the same passion, yeah I was a wierdo
Shout out to Milo, who's been there since day one
Now people want some lyrical shit, we give them what they want
One day I'm gonna make it big
Put my country on the map and shit
Another asian legend like Bruce Lee
I'm always on a roll like sushi

I'm so good I'll break your ignorance
Catching fire like Jennifer Lawrance
I will kill to see a brighter days
I volunteer to play the hunger games
On my way to the top that's where I belong
When I get my ass on the castle that's when I'll be home
Overdose on confidence I ain't never sober
Keep scoring goals like I'm playing soccer

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